Domingo on the Issues

Public Safety 

Domingo’s top priority is fixing our recruitment and retention issues to ensure that San José has enough firefighters and law enforcement officials to protect our community. He is committed to restoring services and funding programs that achieve the highest impact possible for street safety and traffic improvements to curb sideshows and reduce speeding. Another key strategy is supporting our public libraries and youth centers to ensure we are investing in our children and reaching them before they slip through the cracks and end up as a statistic.  He is focused on working with emergency responders to reduce 911 response times, maintain neighborhood safety, and ensure everyone has access to our most vital city services. 

As councilmember, Domingo has taken a community-driven approach to public safety; working with the San José Police Department to organize public safety meetings like the National Night Out, holding Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) meetings to improve disaster preparedness, as well as organizing fire safety workshops to educate our community on proper fire safety and prevention. 



This is an issue that goes beyond housing; more broadly, there is a desperate need for proper mental health and substance abuse treatment. In 2023, Domingo advocated for improvements to San José’s interim housing program and for additional steps to be taken to engage healthcare providers to offer preventative strategies for emergency calls - helping reduce the stress they put on our essential emergency services. With his support, the Council adopted recommendations to improve emergency interim housing in San José.  Domingo will prioritize impactful solutions like these, in addition to creating more permanent supportive housing, and providing short-term solutions while we get permanent solutions built. 


Housing Affordability

Domingo understands that the solution to the housing affordability crisis is to increase the supply of housing and focus on housing production in strategic places like transit corridors and infill development opportunities. His goal is to guarantee affordable housing for families and to protect those already living in our communities and our neighborhoods.

On City Council, Domingo approved the partnership with VTA to place up to 200 tiny homes on a VTA yard in North San José, and was able to successfully secure additional State funding for the project. Additionally, Domingo has helped cut red tape, and allow for faster housing construction by working with the City’s Planning Department to launch the Best Prepared Designer Program, which will help allow us to build the housing we so desperately need.


Economic Development

Domingo is laser-focused on economic development in San José, and particularly in our commercial corridors in District 8. His priority is to support small local businesses, create more jobs, and implement equitable contracts to provide quality employment opportunities for residents. His aim is to create a thriving economic environment that benefits both workers and business owners to ensure a prosperous future for Evergreen, East San José, and the entire region.

In City Hall, Domingo has advocated and helped implement a stronger wage theft policy to ensure workers rights are protected and that they are receiving fair wages. He has also helped create major programs for small businesses in District 8,  such as a camera safety pilot program to better protect small businesses from break-ins, and a small business empowerment grant aimed at revitalizing mom and pop shops still recovering from the pandemic. Under Domingo’s leadership, grants have been distributed to over 57 small businesses in our community.  



Preserving San José’s open spaces, parks, and lakes is crucial for our community. Domingo values these spaces, understands their significance to our community, and is dedicated to ensuring their maintenance and safety. These areas play a vital role in enhancing our community's well-being and help foster a strong sense of belonging among  new and long-time residents. Domingo is committed to safeguarding and expanding these spaces, prioritizing their protection and accessibility to cultivate a healthier, more connected community.

While in office he has fought for funding improvements to parks across the District, including Fernish and Brigadoon Parks. Domingo partnered with Assemblymember Ash Kalra to secure $1.5 million dedicated towards the improvement of Lake Cunningham Regional Park. Since taking office he has hosted over 51 events centered around Beautification Efforts like Dumpster Days and Community Cleanups to ensure our public spaces stay clean and safe for our community.  With Domingo’s advocacy, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) also moved forward on the $50,000 grant that will help support the Design and Environmental Review for an Emergent Wetland, enhancing the  water quality and bringing us closer to a lasting improvement that will help us improve our precious gem of a park. 


Community Engagement 

Strong neighborhoods are the cornerstone of a vibrant community. Through community events like town hall meetings, social gatherings, and collaborative events, Domingo aims to help create an inclusive environment by fostering connections among neighbors. He is dedicated to supporting community-led efforts that celebrate our community’s diversity, and will always be a pragmatic voice in City Hall, who listens to the concerns of all District 8 residents. 

This year, Domingo has organized over 164 community events such as senior scam stoppers, coffee chats, and the Fall Family Festival held at Lake Cunningham Park. He has actively participated in various neighborhood meetings, like the Tully Road-Eastridge Business Association (TREBA), to prioritize the most crucial needs of our community. Domingo's initiatives helped secure funding for residents' Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) supplies and advocating for early childhood education and after school programming for local students. By creating stronger neighborhoods, residents and neighbors are better able to give direct feedback on issues that matter to them. 

As your City Councilmember, Domingo has and will continue to make sure your voice is heard and to see that issues get solved. His approach is simple: respond to questions and concerns, make informed and fair decisions, and put District 8’s interest first.