Opinion: Lake Cunningham: A local resource drowning in neglect

By Domingo Candelas |

Restoring 203-acre park will serve as a legacy to our commitment to a sustainable future

After years of underinvestment, the City of San Jose is finally taking action on Lake Cunningham, thanks in part to funding from state and regional partners.

Neglect has taken its toll on Lake Cunningham Regional Park, once a vibrant park in the heart of our East San Jose community. Restoring Lake Cunningham is not just an exercise in nostalgia, it is a responsibility we owe to our environment, our community and future generations of San José residents. The effort to revive the lake is a shared responsibility that involves a partnership between government, nonprofits and the private sector.

By committing to this endeavor, we can showcase our dedication to environmental conservation, biodiversity protection and the overall well-being of each other. The transformation of this 203-acre park will not only enrich our lives today but will serve as a legacy of our commitment to a sustainable future. By restoring the park’s natural habitats, we can provide a sanctuary for native wildlife to flourish once again. Such actions are not just beneficial for our environment, but they also enhance the quality of life for the surrounding community, making our city more sustainable and livable. Improved recreational open space, access to walking trails and places for people to gather and build community are pivotal outcomes we can achieve together.

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